WordPerfect HTML to Kindle HTML Converter

Save your WordPerfect file as HTML and upload the resulting file using the form on the right. Our system will prepare a zip file that contains a Kindle-compatible html file. You may then upoad that file to Amazon's Digital Text Platform Kindle

This program will:

  • Reformat footnotes into a Kindle-friendly format.
  • Remove excess tags that the Kindle cannot understand.
  • Turn characters written in the Symbol font (Greek, etc) into images so that they may be seen on the Kindle. (An image of the characters that can be displayed as text on the kindle can be found here
  • Return a Zip file that contains the your modified html file and any accompanying images created by our system.

We're available to make custom adjustments to your HTML if needed.
If you have any special needs (displaying foreign languages in text, etc) or any questions about this conversion tool then please contact us at :
iSHONAN Support

HTML File:
Preview your file in the window below:
Download your ZIP file:

Note: this preview is designed to give you a general idea of what your file will look like. The actual Kindle does not scroll. For a more accurate representation of what your file will look like on the Kindle, please download the ZIP file and upload it to the Digital Text Platform.
WordPerfect does not include page break information in the output HTML. Our conversion program will automatically insert page breaks before chapters, but if there are any other areas where you wish to for a page break then please insert this text at the point where you would like the page break:
This should be done BEFORE you upload the file to this page. If you wish to edit the file AFTER you have converted it using our system, then you should unzip the zip file and place this code at the points where you wish to insert a page break:
<mbp:pagebreak />